This equates to 13 years when used at 10 hours per day. After 2012 , the 100 watt incandescent bulb will never be manufactured in the US. They are available in all types of colors and are not restricted to your yellow and white colors that are currently available in traditional lighting systems.) December 25, 2012 - A lot of research has been undertaken in lighting systems to come up with a more efficient system as time has gone by. Therefore, LED lighting will be the only option available for offices in addition to CFL. The long life time of LED bulbs will not only save costs on replacing broken lights but will also save time and installation costs. They are not only more efficient than incandescent bulbs (by a factor of 10) but are also superior to CFL bulbs in both efficiency and performance. This new technology will replace all currently available lighting systems. Incandescent bulbs have been used for a very long time and were only effectively replaced in the last 10 years by CFL bulbs. LED light bulbs are the latest efficient lighting that is currently available. Without taking into account savings from replacement and installation costs and by only using the savings generated from the lower energy consumptions LED office lighting and LED Bulbs repay themselves in less than 1. They know that the initial upfront cost is quickly recouped by the cost savings LED office lighting generates in their offices. Phasing out of incandescent bulbs The new LED light bulbs are China LED Plant Light Factory energy efficient and conform to standards. This has resulted in the phase out the production of incandescent bulbs. Once LED lights reach their life end they won't suddenly go off like traditional lighting but will reduce in brightness overtime until the required brightness of the user is too low. The 75 watt one will be out of production in 2013 and the 60 watt and the 40 watt ones will no longer be manufactured after 2014. It not only offers better performance in terms of brightness, a more natural light and only consumes a fraction of the energy of currently available systems but also has a much longer life time of +50,000 in the near future. For the average household the LED light bulb . This means that by 2015 there will be no more incandescent bulbs being produced in the US.5 years and 1 year, respectively. LED lights come in all different types to replace your current lighting fittings or to offer a new type of lighting design. The long lifetime of LED bulbs LED bulbs have a very long lifetime. Currently available LED bulbs will last up to 50,000 hours is still a bit expensive but still represents a worthwhile investment for property developers to include in their new developments. LED lights are flicker free, do not generate high heat and do not contain mercury All companies will switch to LED office lighting . Cost of LED bulbs The initial cost of LED light bulbs is their biggest drawback at first. However companies and organizations know that switching to LED lighting presents a solid long term investment. Unlike incandescent and CFL bubs, LED bulbs are solid state (have no moving parts) and have a hard plastic outer shell.

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