Specially designed to protect valuables like camera or laptop in a safe manner. These can withstand all kinds of falls and store items such as rifles, iPods etc. Browse through . Australian military uses Pelican products to keep their belongings like explosives, ammunitions and other weapons. These are highly versatile and durable in nature. Rack World Systems offer the largest range of pelican boxes in Australia. These pelican cases help to cover delicate equipment intact and secured. The design of these pelican products prevents water from entering into it. These come with a lifetime guarantee; you do not need to worry about anything as these come with impressive features like impact-proof, crush-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, stackable and durable as well. These all products comply China Led Panel Lights Suppliers with the major product standards.) February 26, 2013 - Pelican products like pelican boxes, large cases, pelican cases, etc. To buy these from Rack World Systems, visit . At Rack World Systems, one can find a range of designs in such cases to satiate the diverse needs of people. Rack World Systems also manufactures some electricity related products like flood lights, hard wiring, etc. These are mainly utilised for flashlights, computers, guns and rifles, and other kinds of sensitive instruments. Almost all pelican boxes can withstand any weather conditions. Some of them also come with locking latch that offers additional security. The internal foam presents in these cases cushions the items stored in the case.au/pelican-cases-1091 Generally, these pelican cases are manufactured from the finest alloys or other similar kind of material.au/ to get more information about these products. These days, they are getting good popularity among people.


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